Other Training & Forklift Courses in Sussex

Scissor-Lift Training

Scissor Lift Training CoursesAs well as our forklift training for Kent, London, Sussex and Surrey we also provide full theory & practical training courses for indoor scissor-lifts.

The training is in line with the course content of our forklift training courses, but are usually only one or two days in duration.

Each Scissor Lift, has it’s own emergency manual lowering device & this must be fully explained and demonstrated by your instructor and then demonstrated by every operator, it is also always advised by us, that all workers around this machine, should also understand the emergency lower procedure, as it could help greatly if someone operating at height, suffered illness or stroke and another qualified operator was not on hand to help that person in distress.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling Training CoursesYour instructor will explain & demonstrate the safe body movements, needed for any manual handling within your physical & practical capabilities.

You will afterwards then yourself be asked to show that you have understood the training, by then carrying out a manual handling task yourself, in a safe and controlled fashion,including the palmer grip.

Other types of information such as weights of lift recommended as safe for male & females and also a 25 Question & Answer theory test paper will be part of the course.

Plus explanations and films of the back and neck,and how manual handling injuries can easily occur. The course is also very informative, as to how to avoid many types of manual handling altogether, by way of apparatus or machinery, rolling work conveyors & staged lifting tables, pallet-stacker pallet trucks etc. Our DVD Training films consist of 3 types, office, warehouse & yard areas and machines such as mowers & small building machinery being lifted on & off vans and lorries.

Overhead Gantry Crane

The course covers remote console control and fixed cable operations on all types of over-head gantry crane up to 5 tons rated capacity. You will also be shown slinging techniques and safe operations on whatever you handle on-site. A safety film of safe operating will be shown and you will also complete a Question & Answer test paper and practical test.


Signaller/Banksman Training CoursesThe course is to improve the safe movement of vehicles or forklifts or plant & machinery at your place of work, especially where the public come into contact and also where there are blind-spots of operations,and a busy or hectic work environment.

The course content will include a safety film, a theory test paper and a full practical explanation of start, stop, emergency stop, end, go left, go right, go forwards, go backwards, lift higher & lower.

Your instructor will expect you to fully be able to explain in a practical work environment that you can confidently administer these signals.