Forklift Training Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the training take ?

It all depends on what experience the individuals have at the time of training,ie are they refreshers,experienced but never certificated or complete novices. All our courses are carefully tailored to ensure you pay only for the least amount of days needed for the amount of people per day on any course.

What do we need to supply ?

Nothing except your forklift…all training materials are supplied, ie pens theory paperwork, 20 inch flat screen TV for forklift training films, shown by┬áDVD

Do we need to wear hi-vis or boots?

ONLY if it is your company policy, NB, our instructors will wear protective footwear and high-vis jackets on your site. As mentioned, you only have to wear protective gear if it is in your company safety policy to do so.

How long do certificates arrive after training?

No more than 5-7 working days after training has taken place and payment has been made by BACS or cheque.

Can we ask for a certain instructor that may have carried out training at a company that we have requested a referral from?

YES, absolutely no problem, a suitable day, or days of training will be arranged for you,with your chosen instructor.