Forklift Training Courses in Croydon

AFI offer 1, 2 or 3 day forklift training courses across Croydon which are tailored to how many people need certificating. AFI train novices, experienced but never before certificated, plus 1 day only training courses for employees that at some stage have been certificated with you or their previous employer.

AFI Forklift Training is very thorough, as our customers time and again mention at the end of each course.

You will learn your 4 duties & responsibilities while at work, that you must adhere to. Plus Health & Safety and Personal Protective Equipment Policies,that may, or may not be relevant to you & YOUR employer within your company.

Your theory test paper that has to be completed, containing 5 written & 25 multiple choice Q, & As, is explained in a very easily and understandable way by us,to ensure that you then meet the required 80% theory pass mark.We also make sure that any trainees that may struggle with reading or writing are well catered for, in a professional manor, to also make sure that what is being explained is being understood. Your training is also helped & made easier by using short forklift training films, shown on a 20 inch DVD flat screen TV.

Forklift Training CoursesYour practical driving test or assessment, will be conducted with a 90 degree left and right turn, inside your premises or outside forecourt or yard area, with pallets if you have them, or if your area is small & you do not have enough pallets, your instructor will have safety cones that he will set up for you.

You will then be shown safe stack and de-stack operations & all round observation safety by your instructor, and then you will then practice these operations yourself.

On your last day of forklift training in Croydon you will take your test, which will be exactly what you have practiced doing in mock testing, ie stack & de-stack and all round pedestrian safety. Other safe operational training such as observational 3 points of turn, safe mount and dismounts and the fork lift truck emergency overturn procedure.

Finally, our superb training will go along way to ensure safe operations, so that your operators, staff and customers are kept safe, by minimising the risk of incidents on your premises.